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Have your content edited by a PRO. You'll have more time to create content, and deliver a high-quality podcast to your audience!

Show Notes, Articles, and Transcriptions

Take the advantage and get more engagement by having shareable articles or transcriptions of your episodes on your website.

Designs & Branding

Get all the visual assets of your podcast designed by a true artist, click the paintbrush to see some references.

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How amazing would it be just to record your show and see everything else automatically done?
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meet the team

Alejandro Girón

Project Planning - Audio Editing

Andra Lazar

Content Writer - Copy Editor

Cisco Garrido

Graphic Design - Branding

We are a versatile team with 5+ years of experience in our respective fields. We got together to tailor a full service that covers your everyday needs as a podcaster and content creator.

What the creators say

"Alejandro is not only a fantastic person to work with who is professional, helpful and easy to work with. He's somebody who understood my vision of creating an authentic podcast, and he helped me make that happen."

Shauna Moran
Host @TheHumanBehindTheScreen

"Trust me when I say that I’m so thankful for your help. You have no idea how much you take off of my plate."

Dominic Lawson
Host @TheStartupLife

"Thanks so much  for all your amazing work! I am so fortunate to have you as an editor!"

Delia Perry
Delia Perry
Host @Girls4Greatness